Abundance And The Weather

There are times in our lives when our hopes and dreams come to a pinnacle and we get a glimpse of life that looks and feels exceedingly good. For a surfer, this moment is the ride on a perfect wave. For some, that moment is when a relationship is developing into something rewarding and beautiful. For others, a new job, a raise in pay, an achievement, a new house, car or a new friend. These moments in our lives are precious and show us how beautiful life can be. If you have experienced this phenomenon, you can recall how your body chemistry seemed different. You were able to breathe easier, walk taller and imagine yourself to be in a state of grace — in tune with the universal flow. It feels wonderful! Wouldn?t it be wonderful if we could feel this good all the time?

I recently honored a woman’s 50th birthday by singing a song I will share with you in part because it spoke of a basic truth in life:
Turning, turning, always turning Opening to the change Learning, learning, always learning opening to the change…

I share this with you because it expresses something that we, as humans need to remember always. Change is the only guarantee in life. Our lives are a free-will zone and we can make of them what we want by consciously choosing ato learn and grow from our experience. By opening and accepting changes gracefully, we have the opportunity to learn about ourselves, about God and about our place in the universal energy grid. Learning is what we are here to do. If we can remember to learn from the past, (but not live in the past) apply it to the present and open ourrselves to the changes that will naturally occur, we can remain in a state of grace no matter what circumstances present themselves, good or bad. It sounds easy. In fact it is one of the most difficult things we humans face on earth — opening to the change.


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If you begin to see you your life as a huge weather map, you will understand that some areas are sunny and clear while there are thunder storms happening in the south. What can we learn from watching a weather map? We learn that things are always changing. What is stormy today may be sunny tomorrow. Low pressures do rush in to fill up the void when a high pressure system lifts higher, causing changing patterns. Rains come and rains go. Winds bring change and clearing. The sun shines every day, but sometimes clouds hide it. Sometimes fog obscures it.

You see, the weather always changes in order to NOURISH the earth. Could earth sustain our population without water? Of course not. The rain falls. Can earth sustain our population with sunshine? We need the warmth of the sun in order to replenish the energy in our bodies, in the body of the earth. If you begin to see your life changes as weather patterns passing through an area that needs modification or nourishment, you can breathe easier, knowing that once that area has received what it needs, the pattern will change.

So what about the other times in our lives that do not feel so good… The times when you have lost a job, have no money to pay your bills, your relationships are not working smoothly and everything that can go wrong does go wrong! Is it possible to learn anything in these circumstances? I believe it is possible to observe these times with keen attention and learn much about yourself as you can, and when the storm has passed, you are left nourished by the situation just like the rain re-invigorates the earth
Now let’s apply this to the principles of abundance.

If you find yourself in a familiar struggle either with money or abundance in general, spend some time remembering all the times in your past when this same situation occured. Carefully, in your mind, reconstruct the situation. Go through the reporter’s list — who, what, why, when, where and how, with your memories, and learn everything you can about that past situation. THEN, look at your current circumstances. How are they the same or different? Are you getting the idea? When we deconstruct all the events and traumas that lead us into difficulties, we can learn and grow from the circumstances and perhaps never have to re-live those bad times again. By learning, you are nourishing your soul. By learning, you are gaining wisdom.

By learning, you are changing. By changing, you are learning… a beautiful and complete circle!
When difficult times show up in your life, remember that your soul is intact, but it is the ego “weather”that is changing and it may be showing you a familiar old pattern. Learn what you can from the storm. Let it wash out the old beliefs, old patterns, old fears, and then wait for the sun to come back. It always will, unless you stay in a low pressure system forever.

Fortunately, this is something you can do about that!
Your low pressure system can become a high pressure system when you stop giving energy to the trauma and begin giving energy to the perfect condition you wish to experience. Instead of feeling bad that you don”t have enough money, or that your relationships are not working, remember how good it feels to have plenty.

Remember how good it feels to walk taller and breathe easier. Re- member means to put those memories into your body. Let your body FEEL life as you want it. Feel the sun on your face, feel your ease with money, feel your sense of safety. Feel what it is like to experience changes with the confidence of knowing that this current weather pattern shall pass and another one will take its place. Above all, be ready to turn, learn and grow with each and every storm.


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This is the truest state of grace you will ever know, as you walk tall and smile through the storm. You can do it because you know that you are part of the universal flow of life and God?s love.

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